Starbuck reincarnitas

Starbuck died. Or did she?

I dunno. Starbuck used to be a character in an old 19th century book about a whale. Then it was a character on a sci-fi TV show with a side kick named Apollo – they both battled silver robots with K.I.T-like red bouncing LED lights in their hoods (which came first, K.I.T. or Cylons?). Then it was reinvented as a coffee shop in the Pike Place Market in Seattle (Which came first, BSG or the coffee?).  Then that coffee shop became a million Starbucks all over the world. Now Starbuck is a grrl, and she kicks ass.

The original Starbuck was a Doubting Thomas and a Shaker. The new Starbuck is a military bad girl. They both hate the monster-enemy though, be it whale or Cylon.


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