Mint, aka Pudina

Mint is a mgical, if contrary herb. It settles and calms, and stimulates and awakes. It’s really good in ice cream, tea, and toothpaste. But it doesn’t go very well with other herbs ans spices. It’s a solo herb, a loner that attracts a lot of attention. (I find myself thinking of Clint Eastwood’s characters in Sergio Valente’s films as a metaphor for mint. Maybe this is because I have a friend who is quite fond of both.)

Mint is also an ayurvedic favorite. When in India, I popped little green pills of mint every morning, called pudina hara, to thwart off any potential stomach explosions. It works way better than Pepto-Bismol. And it’s natural, and you get these nice little mint burps from the pills.

I just searched google and wikipedia for pudina and thought for sure I would find loads of info about this herb and its history. But not much there….hmmm…


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