On writing, not writing, and modern feedback (traffic stats)

I have been utterly remiss about my resolution to write daily posts here. I have an excuse, of course. I was attending the Museums and the Web conference in San Francisco and was too involved in discussions with actual people to have time to have virtual discussions with myself here.

But I still checked my blog stats. I am shameless.

I need the motivation. I need that feedback, knowing there is an audience out there that needs my words. It’s a cycle that feeds on itself – the more you produce of anything, the more feedback you get. You need to spend money to make money. Etcetera. I have yet to receive a single comment on my blog, but at least I do get to see the little graph showing rising traffic on my little blog. It keeps me going. I know it won’t go up unless I feed the machine. (The topic of motivation for the artist is something I have pondered much over the years – I find some artists need an audience, others do it for themselves. I am definitely the former type. Am I an egoist? Perhaps. Perhaps I am just a social being and creative output is my way of connecting to others?)

So, I have established that I need to post in order to get my doggie biscuits. I have no excuses.


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