Beard Papa’s and Pinkberry

There’s a craze sweeping Los Angeles—Asian reinventions of European deserts. First was pinkberry (sorry about the annoying Flash site), a frozen yoghurt phenomenon started by a Korean-American. Now there’s Beard Papa’s fresh and natural cream puffs, from a Japanese company.

I just had Beard Papa’s for the first time. These are pretty amazing. The slightly salty and crispy puffs are huge – about the size of my palm. They are injected with your choice of custard cream on the spot for freshness; I chose vanilla. I have to say that I love custard in cream puffs. Most Americans seem to prefer whipped cream, which I think is just wrong. So I was pretty impressed. The only problem with these is that they are so huge…I got a stomach ache within an hour of eating it. I think I will ask them to squeeze less custard in there for me next time.


2 responses to “Beard Papa’s and Pinkberry

  1. There’ve been Beard Papa outlets around Singapore for years, and really, I have NEVER wanted to have one because the sight of a mountain full of cream puffs at their display scares me. And the smell. Smells nice, but one gets sick of it after approx. 2 seconds. No kidding.

  2. I agree that the displays are less than appetizing. But I love a good cream puff. You should try one. But maybe share it with someone so you don’t eat the whole thing and make yourself sick like I did.

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