Rebecca Artemisa Urias

I bought a painting today! I walked around the Culver City artwalk with friends. Most of what I saw was the usual gallery stuff. Then I walked into Project gallery and was blown away by these small squares full of enchanted landscapes and with stories about a girl princess and evocative symbols. Like Le Petit Prince meets medieval Russian icons and Japanese manga. The more I looked the more I was drawn in to this world. I bought the one below—is the a girl lying in the grass? asleep? dead and buried? The red shoes remind me of Dorothy in Oz. She has a constellation dress and carries a bloody knife. Is it the instrument of her martyrdom? THe burning bush has catholic/orthodox religions associations, yet the carrot and the white root (daikon?! or a bloody boomerang?) add another mysterious layer of meaning.

“I did not consume it” by Rebecca Artemisa Urias
(The gallery owner let me put the red dot on myself. It was a nice little ceremonious touch.)

I almost bought this one:

I like all the little people on the horizon. With all their different attributes, they remind me of the merit badges I would earn when I was a Girl Scout.
And this one is beautiful…I prefer the rich symbolism in the one I chose. But this one is magnificent cartoonage at its best. Someone in the gallery said that the girl reminds him of figures in video games. I agree!

I really like this artist and look forward to following her and seeing where she goes….


One response to “Rebecca Artemisa Urias

  1. just wanted to let you know that rebecca will be having a group show on march, 8th 2008. it will be a great show. hope to see you there!

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