Close Radio Podcast

The Getty just launched it’s first podcast, The Close Radio Podcast. I think it’s some really awesome material, and I am not just saying that because I slaved away for the past 2 months to help present the material online, and in a podcast.

The material—1970s avant-garde artists performing on the radio—is fascinating. It’s humorous, silly, thought-provoking, bizarre, entertaining (and at times mind-numbingly boring), and challenging in the way that only performance art can be. Close Radio was a radio program on KPFK Los Angeles from 1976-1979. I think it’s awesome that we have this record of L.A. history, and of modern art, and that through modern technology, we can share this archive with anyone who may be interested. More than 36 hours of this stuff is available on The podcast presents a selection of 17 of the broadcasts, presented over the next few months for those who want to listen selectedly and slowly.

I am transported back into 1970s L.A. by listening to this material. I can almost feel my legs sticking to the avocado green vinyl of the backseat of my parents’ 1968 Pontiac Ventura, looking out the window and watching the palm trees glide by, listening to the radio.


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