Can Museums Twitter?

I heard about Twitter a few months ago. At first I was like, huh? Then I understood the mechanics of it….but was like, huh? Then my friend Mike started using it to post his daily gastronomic delights on his food blog from his cell phone (GrindBros) and I was like, wow this is kinda….cool.

Now I want to think about how Twitter could be applied in a Museum. Like, what if a painting could post its daily activities via Twitter to its Web site, or a blog, or a MySpace/Facebook page? “Looked on as 30 school kids tried to suss why I have such a big nose.” “Hanging around in gallery alone with that darn irises painting again.” And so on…

Some writings about Twitter are appearing on the horizon. Here’s one from Clive Thompson from Wired.

Anyone have other ideas? Am I completely insane to even be suggesting this?


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