Airplane rant – corporate paternalism gone wrong

I just got home from a trip across the country and saw the weirdest attempt of a corporation to kiss up to the consumer for some brownie points. The airline was Delta. The delivery was a commercial on the on-flight “tv”. In the break between shows, there was this commercial announcing that, in an effort to be green and save our environment, Delta would now be recycling on all of its flights destined for Atlanta.  The message was very proud, and went into much detail about exactly how staff (and you! aren’t you glad they are giving you options for recycling!?) would be helping to save the environment by recycling.

But wait – does this mean that *before* this “program” Delta didn’t recycle at all!? I mean, I didn’t know there were corporations that didn’t recycle out there anymore. Suddenly, Delta looks a little lame. And just a sec – this program is only being implemented on flights going to Atlanta?? What? Why only those flights? Why not all flights? Why only half-assed recycling? The real nail in the coffin for them, however, was the final statement: “Delta will be donating all proceeds from this program to X charity.” Proceeds!?! From recycling? Now I am so confused. If there are proceeds to be had in recycling, then they shoulda been doing this a long time ago! That’s just good business sense. Whoever is in charge of this company’s public image needs to get a clue.


One response to “Airplane rant – corporate paternalism gone wrong

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