English Clouds and Fish & Chips

I just arrived today in lovely Guildford, England, just a 30-minute train ride Southwest of London. Better known as the home of Surrey University and Hoof & Mouth disease. I got in late in the afternoon at Heathrow and took the Underground acrodd London to Waterloo station where I caught the local train to Guildford to visit my friend Samantha. I was here last year, so the route is known and I trudged along like a local (haha) with all the commuters on the train. One of the first things I noticed is the sky. I never get to see clouds in L.A. and I just realized I miss them.
english clouds

After being up for about 30 hours with little sleep, I was hungry and tired. Samantha took me straight out for fish and chips. I don’t have photoshop to fix the color on this photos. But I figure it’s approproately English to post an image of off-colored food like this. Notice the grease – yum!
fish & chips


3 responses to “English Clouds and Fish & Chips

  1. Samantha just reminded me of the pickled onion she bought at the chip shop. I declined to try it but she et the whole thing!
    She also got a pea fritter, which was a bunch of mushed peas wrapped in deep-fried dough. (I also declined to try that one.)

  2. i thought pickled onions were just an english thing, but i found then in spain last week in a peculiar salad i ordered. the spanish have a very different approach – delicate and bite-sized as opposed to the ones from the chippy which are akin to gobstoppers the size of golf balls.

    i still prefer biting into (or, sucking if i dare) my beloved english ones from the local chippy though i have choked on them before xxx

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