Munich Report

I have had a hard time keeping up with updates here about my travels. I am now in Oldenburg, Germany, visiting a friend who just moved here. I met a friend from LA in Brussels airport and we rented a car and drove through the Netherlands and Northern Germany to arrive here. We stumbled upon an organic farm where they made their own cheese and we stopped for lunch of cheese and bread – so good!

So first, the Munich update. I ate so much meat there it was kind of crazy. There’s Schwein everywhere! Here’s a picture just in the grocery store.

german grocerymeat counter

I borrowed a friend’s bike for the stay in Munich and rode all over town with the bikes. It was awesome to ride bikes through town. I think I saw the whole city. We also rode in the English garten, which runs through the middle of the city, and along the Isar river on a path that you can follow all the way north of the city. The Oktoberfest is about to happen in Munich (actually it started today) and we rode into the fair grounds to see all the preparations. It’s kind of like a state fair, with rides and everything. And loads of beer halls set up – one for each beer haus. Here’s one of the beer halls, ready for the festival!

oktoberfest beer hall

I also saw the surfers of Munich, surfing on the Isar river.

surfing in Munich!

We also wandered around the market in the center of town (see for photos), ate really amazing pretzles, and of course, drank beer!

german beer


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