North Sea Mud-walking

I flew from Munich to Brussels and met my friend Elizabeth in the airport where we rented a car and drove across the Netherlands into Northern Germany. Wer’re staying at our friend Nina’s house. She just moved here for a new job 6 weeks ago. So it’s new to her too. This is a small town and Nina misses the excitement of Hamburg. But there are pretty cool adventures to be had around this area. Like Mud-walking!


We felt like Jesus walking on water. This is on the coast of the North Sea (in an area called friesland, which actually includes parts of the Netherlands also). At low tide, the water retreats so far that you can walk out to these small islands. Most of the walk is trudging through solid sandy ground with a little water. But there are channels where the water goes through to the sea. Here the water was deep – up to our waists – and at tims you’d sink into the sand, which felt ike mud. I got stuck quite a few times. It was kind of like trudging through snow. We were super lucky to have a clear sunny day.

mud walking

Looking back at the coast after we’d walked about half way tothe island.

nord see

We went with a group and a guide. The tide goesout quickly and comes in quickly too, so you have to know what’s up.

The sand on the island showed the mark of the water going out.

nordsee sand

And we finally made it to the island! (Now we just had to walk back!)


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