Yes We Can – But HOW?

Just watched this promotional video for Barack Obama’s campaign on YouTube. It’s basically a music video with lyrics spun together from Obama’s speeches (which drip with allusions to the history and mythology surrounding race in this country), sung by various famous and semi-famous people.

The video is beautiful and moving. The message is a clear one. But it highlights my main issue with Obama’s campaign. I share his hope. I share his ideals. But I see little evidence of a real strategy to achieving these ideals. The campaign slogan generically for “Change” is a red herring. Dude, the Republicans want change too! The right-wing wants change! I want more specifics about what that change will look like. This video, with its black-and-white images and parade of stars is no more than a new form of name-dropping and celebrity endorsement. There’s just no substance there. Obama’s Web site says it all: “I am asking you to believe…” He wants blind faith…sound familiar?


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