Museums & the Web 2008 Sound Bytes

A few of the great things I have heard here in Montreal at the Museums & the Web conference. Apologies if I got some of these attributions wrong; I can’t read my own handwriting.

Re: IP and Fair Use: “We in the non-profit sector need to talk the talk and walk the walk. If we want a robust public domain, we need to treat it as a true public domain. —Michael Geist, opening plenary

“Objecthood doesn’t have a place in the world unless someone is making use of it.” —Olafur Eliasson, as quoted by Peter Samis who went on to cogently point out that this statement calls into question the very basis of value in most museums, the object.

Re: a blog SFMOMA created for the Olafur Eliasson exhibition, which invited contributions from users: “We invited the public into the room, asked them to tell us what they think, and then we left the room.” —Peter Samis

“Demographics are descriptive, not predictive.” —this was a comment by an attendee in the session Engaging Museum Audiences.

“People coming to museums are feeding their own idea of who they are by going to a museum. They are testing out identities.” —I believe this was Gabrielle Trépanier

Re: standardizing data for sharing: “It’s good enough.” —Frankie Roberto

“When you look closely at all the organization of our systems, it’s actually a mess….Mess is good….How do we smoosh it all?” —Seb Chan

“We sell experiences in the leisure market, not just information. People can get information from Wikipedia. What we offer is an experience.” —Seb Chan

“Scarcity vs. Scale: In the old model, the value of an object is determined by it’s scarcity. In the new model, scale and proliferation may be where value lies.” —Mike Ellis


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