Walking on Rocks in Ethiopia

We just left Lalibela, home of sacred monolithic rock-hewn churches, which were pretty stunning. While we were in the area we went on a trek through the neighborung villages of Meket, which are in the highlands south of Lalibella. We walked and walked for 3 days, mostly on rocks! We walked along cliff edges, overlooking the lowland valley below us. Villages were perched on the sides of the sloping hills we looked down on. we’d hear people communicating from village to village by shouting up the hills, across the valleys, down the gulches. Aside from this and the occasional sound of a generator for a stone mill, we heard nothing else of humans. We also walked across the fields, which are being planted now, in waiting for the rains, which have basically already started. The fields have rocks all over. It’s amazing that things grow there. Our guide said they have no choice. They need to grow crops wherever they can. We walked on the rocks (my ankles are kind of sore) and we stayed in treaditional tukuls on the cliffs. It was pretty amazing. Photos to come…


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