NYT Reverses Paper-to-Web Workflow

Today, I was a little blown away by the Frugal Traveler‘s article in the Sunday New York Times about ways to use new technologies to keep in touch with friends and family by voice while on the road. The content of the article was great.

But that’s not what struck me.  What struck me was a departure from the traditional print-to-web order of publishing an article–this article, Calling Home for Even Less, was originally published as a blog post by Matt Gros on the NYT Web site on August 18, where it has garnered 69 comments to date. In the analog version of the story, which landed on my doorstep this morning, the article was re-published in an abridged form along with a note that the “full” article can be found on the NYT web site. And that’s not all. A selection of the comments left on the blog were published in the paper edition alongside the article.

Shazam! Web publishing now drives print in newspapers. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?


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