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sorry for long list – Insane amounts of MCN2011 Tweets included below

24 Nov

  • Shitty @hertz rental car, insulation coming out from windshield.

22 Nov

  • @sluggernova @josephgruber @exposyourmuseum @5easypieces wow, it is a franchise! #LADrinkUP
  • @ericdmj @jamesgleventhal for some reason I am feeling claustrophobic
  • Ha! So true RT @homebrewer Tech people in museums: don’t fix random stuff because you can figure it out. You will own it forever.
  • RT @amandafrench Amanda French Via @TAC_NISO: PressBooks, a WordPress-based ebook publishing platform, has been launched to the public: #ebooks

21 Nov

  • @5easypieces some seed money, perhaps? 😛
  • RT @shineslike suse cairns A quick blog post on my initial takeaways from #MCN2011 #musetech #museums
  • must start one this in L.A. Anyone? MT @5easypieces Continue the #mcn2011 conversation “Drinking About Museums” meetup:
  • What goes on here?? RT @alaindebotton Another shot of the temple for atheists – something to start at home?!
  • RT @Sarah_Stierch Sarah Stierch Attending #MCN2011 made me realize my role in museums as a professional: “content creation” not necessarily relying on #newmedia.
  • RT @micahvandegrift Micah Vandegrift cc: @huffpostcollege – MT @hacklibschool: [New] on the blog: “HuffPo: Helping or Hurting Libraries” by @deweysnotdead

20 Nov

  • @jamesgleventhal @ericdmj um….unframe me?
  • #13 ~ coyote skulls @labreatarpits RT @p_sully Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Natural History: wonderful… and a bit sad.
  • @lili_czarina yes, agreed! will think about how as well….wiki? Does OSCI already have a centralized place for communication?
  • @lili_czarina re: osci slides – thanks, yay!
  • @MuseumCN Re: Prezi – will do, thanks!
  • @MuseumCN what about Prezi? Is there a central place for sharing those?
  • Home. (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 162 others)
  • Good Q! @drbremm RT Does @ninaksimon consider herself a digital humanist? #thatcamp #mcn2011
  • @ericdmj Yes! Was great to finally hang out! Come out to LA any time and I’ll show you around.

19 Nov

  • Museums, Technology & Games Weekly is out! ▸ Top stories today via @lili_czarina @chinesepod @aridavidow
  • @jonvoss bummed to have missed your thatcamp sesh. Will check out usergroup!
  • RT @NancyProctor Nancy Proctor The Q they have been debating is not “are there too many museums” but “is there enough support (including funding) for museums? #MCN2011
  • Not sure it’s fair for debaters to be allowed to watch our discussion @ the debate on Twitter. #MCN2011 greatdebate
  • #thumbsup RT @homebrewer RT @shineslike: Just noticed Queen @tinabean is wearing her #MCN2011 president crown. Rock on.
  • Good point from @rjstein about role of museums to step in where public education falls short. #MCN2011 #greatdebate
  • Agree! What @ education role? RT @alleko #mcn2011 questions and answers are way too museum-centered. But do visitors want more museums?
  • RT @billhd Bill Hart-Davidson #greatdebate #MCN2011 question “Are there too many museums?” < I say yes, as defined, but too few institutions to foster lifelong learning.
  • RT @billhd Bill Hart-Davidson A rhetorician’s view of #greatdebate #MCN2011: affirmative side supports regulation, negative side supports free markets. Both risky. 1/2
  • RT @ericdmj Eric D. M. Johnson .@rflouty: If we limit access to museums, esp in nations w/o oppy for access to culture, humanity will be in decline. #greatdebate #mcn2011
  • RT @HstryQT Lori Phillips I see this going down a James Cuno v. @MaxAndersonUSA debate here in a second, re: role of encyclopedic art museums #thegreatdebate #mcn2011
  • There are finite resources, not just funding. @bwyman #MCN2011 #greatdebate #toomanymuseums
  • Is a museum a physical tangible place, or a conceptual construct? #MCN2011 #greatdebate
  • Argument that we don’t have enough museums: we are service orgs, small museums do incredible service. #MCN2011 # greatdebate
  • Argument that there are too many museums: security, spreadimg ourselves too thin, can’t care 4 what we have. #MCN2011 #greatdebate
  • RT @thatcampmcn THATCamp MCN If you’ve got a #thatcamp #mcn2011 badge, you can come to the #MCN2011 plenary in Int’l North. Debate: “There are too many museums.”
  • RT @5easypieces Koven J. Smith Kicking discussion about the meaning of museums in Manila, moderated by @nealstimler. This is where you want to be. #mcn2011
  • Can’t handle conferencing anymore. Going to #thatcamp #MCN2011

18 Nov

  • @pittypatsporch drinking moonshine and ankle breakers. Wow! #MCN2011
  • ha! @micahvandegrift @HstryQT – check, check… 1-2, 1-2. (Totally followed and added you all to my “priority” twitter list! Great videos!)
  • RT @musdok Ibd @jolifanta Curators busy with exhibitions, little time for collections. Academic knowledge is there, but no or little time for research.
  • RT @forwardretreat Sarah Hromack @lili_czarina is rocking a truly compelling argument for the relationship between technology and publishing. #MCN2011, #horizonreport
  • Liz from ArtIC makes great point about us media-literate types taking role of editor in shaping e-publishing. #MCN2011
  • Sounds like I missed awesome sesh. MT @ericdmj RT @sherah1918: RT @sluggernova: @sherah1918 check! #hmnam… #MCN2011
  • @ericdmj you would agree with that!
  • #foodforthought RT @koko500 @jolifanta A friend of mine once said “all museums are history museums.” #MCN2011
  • @dhwales agree. Not sure if s/b shift or coexistence #digitalhumanities #MCN2011
  • RT @nhoneysett Nik Honeysett @nealstimler #MCN2011 Back to the future: in the 19th century more people were educated in #museums than universities
  • RT @EMMAPALEY Fine, I’ll say it, since we’re all thinking it: these Getty guys seem to have a good grasp on all of this stuff. #DAM #MCN2011
  • RT @ericdmj Eric D. M. Johnson Do history museums take art museums too much as a web model, treat objects as aesthetic objects w/o context? @sleonchnm in #hmnam #mcn2011
  • @nhoneysett you think ther’s been a shift from authority to relevance in museums? #digitalhumanities #MCN2011
  • @micahvandegrift liked your video!
  • RT @micahvandegrift Micah Vandegrift RT @dzorich: Is it time to hire DH scholars in museums? And allow museum staff free time to explore DH? #digitalhumanities #MCN2011
  • RT @innova2 Conxa Rodà “Content outlives devices” YES!!! @rjstein #mcn2011
  • I like thinking of museums as “public history” institutions. #digitalhumanities #MCN2011
  • Ha!! RT @mpedson (hah, I just posted like 20 tweets to #mcn2010 instead of #mcn2011. So much for going boldly into the future!)
  • RT @EMMAPALEY Emma Whoops, Stanley Smith is the best. You guys, He’s a DAM genius. #MCN2011
  • What is a ‘non-tradional’ scholar?? #digitalhumanities @mcn2011
  • Do curators have time to be scolars? Do we bring academia in to the museum? Is it already there? @ digitalhumanities #MCN2011
  • Me 3! RT @micahvandegrift me too! Hello all! RT @hstryqt: @nealstimler’s #digitalhumanities crowdsourced panel. Submit questions! #mcn2011
  • @p_sully @jonvoss true collaboration, yay!
  • Our presentation this a.m. about Digital Mellini (yes, need better name!), scholar collaboration + pub tool: #mcn2011
  • It all comes down to people. #mtogo #MCN2011
  • RT @CharlesOuthier Charles Outhier 30 min video of @zbartrout discussing using the iPad w/group tours: #mtogo #mcn2011
  • Lesson for integrating media into existing learning programs in gallery – training! #MCN2011
  • Use of iPad w/ docent tour lesson- avoid giving an iPad tour. #MCN2011
  • Docents found most useful aspect of the iPad is pinching and zoomimg in to details of objects. Not the video and multimedia. #MCN2011
  • Para move beyond the beaver pelt for in gallery tours! Scott Sayre #MCN2011
  • Web-based vs. App debate is real! We debate it too! @emilylewblack #MCN2011
  • We are at the point where we can no longer talk about content in web, mobile, or gallery. Is all ‘content’ now. @bwyman #MCN201!
  • RT @p_sully Perian Sully access is easy. Context is hard. #mcn2011 #nhnam
  • You need a lot of qa for Android Dev. #mcn2011
  • RT @benwbrum Ben W. Brumfield I uploaded the slides for my #MCN2011 presentation on #crowdsourcing manuscript #transcription.…
  • Think pt is sharing user pics MT @RyanD #mcn2011 want to know why high went w image recognition vs. QR codes or other ID tech.. seem simplr.
  • Artclix rights issue dealt with by keeping user images on High’s servers. #MCN2011
  • We will get on that! RT @Alex__Morrison RT @tristan_roddis: OH: unicorns are not in AAT #MCN2011
  • Yes! MT @NancyProctor survey “lurkers” who read comments but don’t post – are they finding Artclix? comments useful/int’ing? #mtogo #mcn2011
  • “Turns out image recognition is hard.” @bwyman #MCN2011
  • RT @5easypieces Koven J. Smith
  • Impressive that ArtClix is built entirely in HTML5. #mcn2011 #mobileday
  • Artclix – how do you come up with a good app title? #MCN2011
  • No! We do need a name for the tool, ideas? RT @jamesgleventhal @ericdmj @jolifanta & “Digital Mellini”? #mcn2011 #isitobvioustoothers?
  • RT @mia_out Mia The links from @benwbrum ‘s Crowdsourcing Transcription at MCN 2011 #mcn2011 #onlinecollections
  • Or is it either/or? RT @avgwhitemale #mcn2011 #mtogo “When does playing the game start to encroach on the experience of the physical space?”
  • RT @NancyProctor Nancy Proctor Learnings from Minn Hist Soc: students are extremely comfortable and proficient with mobile devices; 1to1 devices preferred #MCN2011 #mtogo
  • @mia_out but that can’t be a good game anyway!
  • @benwbrum manuscript transcription is fun! Is gamification bad? @MCN2011
  • Why do people participate in crowdsourcing? *You* can participate in solving important questions. #MCN2011
  • for all the notes from Ben Blumfield #MCN2011
  • Ooh. Rights mgmt discussion! Yale’s new online catalog. In Cairo. #MCN2011
  • Yale’s new cross-collection search mixes museum subject types and library subject headings in the same facet. Nice. #MCN2011
  • We have a ghost in the Cairo room. Lights going on and off! #MCN2011
  • Yale now has search across all the museum and archive collections. #MCN2011
  • RT @ericdmj Eric D. M. Johnson Day 2 at #mcn2011 starts w/ @jolifanta picturing a brave new scholarly world of collab’n, digital sharing, & openness thru Digital Mellini.
  • @ericdmj see thanks!!
  • RT @mia_out Mia Great question to wake up to, ‘What will digital art history look like?’ In online cataloguing/crowdsourcing session at #mcn2011
  • Digital humanities peeps! our presentation on a collaboration site for scholars is in Cairo. #MCN2011

17 Nov

  • @benwbrum yes! It’s called pecha kucha
  • Jane, we should meet! @janecalexander @jolifanta It’s really great to see you both tweeting about the same conversations at #mcn2011 !
  • Yellow curry Yum! (@ Noodle w/ 6 others) [pic]:
  • Come across st! Yumy Asian Noodles nxt to bakeshop RT @5easypieces #mcn2011 (@ The Vortex Bar & Grill w/ 8 others)
  • CanNOT believe I can take pics in these galleries!!! #MCN2011 (@ High Museum of Art w/ 25 others) [pic]:
  • Ha! See ‘real’ one @ 9 tomorrow! RT @benwbrum Eavesdropping on informal demo about manuscript transcription annotations. #MCN2011 is great!
  • Open access at Yale has impacted and shaped their internal knowledge sharing. #MCN2011
  • Open access at Yale has created a whole nother level of work. #mcn2011
  • How does sharing collections externally affect the instit. internally? Ariana French #MCN2011
  • RT@mia_out Mia Share and enjoy! MT @5easypieces: archive the #wpmw tweet stream #mcn2011
  • Good q. MT @NancyProctor Non-linear, multi-dim. model 4 record creation + mgmt…what is role in museum as distributed network? #mcn2011
  • RT @peskypeople Pesky People #wideaud #mcn2011 As a Deaf person I’d like to see cultural organisations PAY #Deaf + #Disabled ppl for their knowledge & expertise
  • RT @DarrenMilligan Darren Milligan Play is how all primates learn! RT @NancyProctor: Play is often a kind of study, so “play first, study later.” #mcn2011
  • Hmmm. Farris Wahbeh on archives continuum. S.t. he finds better applied in a museum world than in archives. #MCN2011
  • ‘might!?’ RT @arielle_rose1 Smaller, more specialized museums might actually benefit most from online content/visitors! #MCN2011
  • Agree! ( of course) RT @ericdmj @jolifanta I think *humanity* can learn something from games! #mcn2011
  • ‘Games archive: play first, study later.’ I think Humanities can learn something from games. # MCN2011
  • RT @forwardretreat Sarah Hromack @TimSven Office pop quiz: “Ask coworkers: ‘If you could track one statistic that reflects your effectiveness, what would it be?'” #MCN2011
  • Tips for communicating better – stand up meetings, task boards, periodically work on a collective space. #MCN2011
  • From Japanese idea ‘Kai Zen’ RT @exposyourmuseum Execute, evaluate, repeat– transformative practice @rjstein #focusua #MCN2011
  • Only measure something if it will change your behavior @rjstein #MCN2011 how do u know if it will change your beh. until you measure it??
  • Awesome buy-in. RT @sbhogarty 50-60 staff member update @imamuseum dashboard on a continual basis! #wow #FocusUA #MCN2011
  • Me too, ya. RT @shineslike Yep, I want to be an information radiotor. #inspired #MCN2011 #FocusUA
  • If sharing information is perceived as an addition to the workload, it won’t happen. There needs to be low barrier to entry. #mcn2011
  • SFMOMA ‘information radiators’ are so noticeably analog! #mcn2011
  • @jolifanta oops Tim Svenonius from *SFMOMA* – make communication visible in order to improve communication! #mcn2011
  • Tim Svenonius from IMA – make communication visible in order to improve communication! #mcn2011
  • It’s occupy #mcn2011 over here in the Vancouver room with IMA
  • MET’s new faceted collections search is v cool #MCN2011
  • I am surprised- MET card sorting w/users, they put things in pretty much same categories as the curatorial delta. #MCN2011
  • @DarrenMilligan seems like you are here!
  • User testing for website beginning to change the way membership staff market at MET #MCN2011
  • Provide a way of creating a journey through your website. @metmuseum #MCN2011
  • @DarrenMilligan you at #mcn2011? I haven’t run into you yet
  • RT @sbhogarty Sarah Bailey Hogarty Rather than focusing primarily on user/audience, @metmuseum tried to match user need w/ institutional aims. #FocusUA #MCN2011
  • I love that there are only 5 slides for this panel. #wpmw #MCN2011
  • Judas! @5easypieces doesn’t really care about the art. But perhaps it makes him good at his job?
  • Absolutely!! RT @JaneHannaSays It’s important to connect your in-gallery interactives with your website. #MCN2011
  • Epiphany, memories, experience, getting lost… Are we trying to recreate the in-gallery experience? #wpmw #MCN2011
  • How do we optimize for epiphany?? #wpmw #MCN2011 @rjstein
  • RT @mia_out Mia Andrew L: ‘that inspiration moment’ triggered in a museum that sends you back home to make art or craft something #mcn2011 #wpmw
  • What If this isn’t the right model for a museum website? #wpmw #MCN2011
  • RT @HstryQT Lori Phillips @rjstein: The decentralization of information/access is inevitable. But what about support for digital media literacy? #wpmw #mcn2011
  • RT @clairey_ross Claire Ross Should there be a continual academic slant to online collections?Why not play with it more?gamification would it work?#MCN2011 #wpmw
  • Ha! Duh RT @caw_ Bingo “@ericdmj: Sounds to me like we’re talking about shared data standards. #mcn2011 #wpmw”
  • #wpmw who is going to ask the revenue question? #MCN2011
  • We need to clean up our data and then let people know we have it (other than our usual researcher visitors) #wpmw #MCN2011
  • What are our online collections for?! @5easypieces Good q!! #mcn2011 #wpmw
  • Should we be sending people to other museums if that’s where the best info is? Libraries don’t agonize over this! @ericdmj #wpmw #MCN2011
  • RT @MuseumCN MCN @shineslike “What happens if #museums have curators of #knowledge in addition to curators of objects?” #MCN2011 #WPMW #digitalhumanities
  • Do we build our sites assuming that users already buy into our authority? #wpmw # MCN2011
  • What is the right mix of authoritative museum voice and the voices of visitors? #wpmw #mw2011 @edmj
  • RT @MuseumCN MCN @5easypieces asks “What is the nature of digital authority for #museums?” Do our physical buildings give us authority? #MCN2011 #WPMW
  • Who really gets their audiences? #wpmw #mw2011
  • #wpmw #MCN2011 who are the ‘people’ we are talking about?
  • Users come to our websites for hours, directions. How does this compare to our missions? Is what they do = to what they want? #MCN201!

16 Nov

  • RT @MaxisLovely Max Hernández Calvo RT @ruibeep: We just launched Feedback and comments are most welcome. #mcn2011 / cc @museumnerd
  • #sbhs spinny restaurant! 72 floors up (@ Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View)
  • @exposyourmuseum thanks!!
  • #mcn2011 folks. Where is the rabbit hole to the ARG?!

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